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Calories in Beer and Lager Low Alcohol

calories in beer and lager low alcohol

Calorie counter for Calories in Beer and Lager Low Alcohol varieties. Calories list for some of the most popular low alcohol beers and low alcohol lagers. Check the calories in each drink below so you can see which are the lowest calorie drinks and the highest calorie low alcohol drinks.

Many of these are much lower in calories than their usual beer and lager counterparts. You can go even lower in calories by mixing with diet lemonade for a low calorie shandy.

BEER AND LAGER LOW ALCOHOL Per can or bottle                                                                               CALORIES(kcal)
Calories in Birelle 275ml 65
Calories in Clausthaler 330ml 100
Calories in John Smith’s low alcohol bitter 275ml 45
Calories in Kaliber 330ml 60
Calories in LA Bitter 440ml 105
Calories in Marston’s Low “C” 275ml 85
Calories in McEwans LA 440ml 68
Calories in Swan Special Light 375ml 70
Calories in Tennent’s LA 440ml 80
Calories in Tesco Low Alcohol Bitter 440ml 70
Calories in White Label 275ml 80

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