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Calories in LiqueursCalories in Liqueurs

Calories in liqueurs list to check the calorie value of popular liqueurs.

Check how calorific some liqueurs are by checking the calorie values in the calorie counter list below.

This lists liqueur drinks most widely encountered including calories in Baileys, calories in Tia Maria, calories in Advocaat, calories in Amaretto, calories in Cointreau, calories in Drambuie and other liqueur calories.

Calories in Kirsch, cherry brandy and Amaretto come in at the lowest calorie count. Be wary of the higher calorie liqueurs such as the creamy liqueurs Baileys Irish Cream and Country Satin together with other Irish creams which are full of high calorie cream and consequently heavy on the calories.



Per 25ml pub measure, unless otherwise stated                                                                      



Calories in Advocaat 70
Calories in Amaretto 60
Calories in Baileys Irish Cream 50 ml 155
Calories in Caymana 80
Calories in Cherry brandy 65
Calories in Cointreau 80
Calories in Country Satin 50ml 170
Calories in Crème de Menthe 80
Calories in Drambuie 80
Calories in Grand Marnier 80
Calories in Kirsch 50
Calories in Sainsbury’s Irish cream liqueur 50ml 182
Calories in Sainsbury’s white chocolate and hazelnut cream liqueur 50ml 173
Calories in Sheridan’s per 50ml 115
Calories in Tesco Irish cream liqueur 50ml 150
Calories in Tia Maria 75

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