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Calories in spirits calories in spirits

Find out how many calories in spirits with the calories list for spirit alcoholic drinks below. The calories chart list  calories in gin, calories in vodka, calories in rum and calories in whisky. Spirits can be low calorie drinks if added to a low calorie mixer.

However if spirits are drunk in a cocktail mix the calorie count can often be much higher given that a lot of cocktails are made with sugary mixer drinks. As long as you keep the mixer with your spirit a low calorie one, such as diet Coke or slimline tonic then you can still enjoy a high impact drink with low calories.

Some of the winning combinations for skinny drinks are diet Coke and vodka, diet red bull and vodka, slimline tonic and gin or Jack Daniel’s whiskey with diet Coke.

BASIC DRINKS Spirits, per pub measure                                                                                CALORIES(kcal)
Calories in Brandy or gin 55
Calories in Gin and tonic 85
Calories in Ouzo 60
Calories in Rum or whisky 55
Calories in Vodka 55

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