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Calories in wine calories in wine

Calories list for calories in wine. Find out how many calories in red wine, how many calories in white wine and calories in table wines and champagne.

Lower the calorie value of wine by mixing white wine with a slimline tonic or topping up with soda water. Try aklso alternating one galss of wine with a galss or water or a soft drink which also helps to limit the hangover effect the next morning.

Generally white dry wines are lower in calories than sweet white wines or heavier red wines. A light dry rose wine also comes in with a lower calorie count as compared to red and sweet wines.

BASIC DRINKSTable wines, per 125ml glass


Calories in Champagne 95
Calories in Low alcohol 35
Calories in Red, dry 85
Calories in Rose 90
Calories in White, dry 80
Calories in White, medium 95
Calories in White, sweet 120

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