The Atkins diet review

Atkins diet
The Atkins diet theory is that that carbohydrates are the cause of weight gain. The Atkins diet plan focuses on the way your body processes the carbohydrates you eat.

Dr. Atkins says that many overweight people may be insulin resistant so the cells that convert carbohydrates into glucose (which becomes energy) do not work correctly.

The remedy is to restrict carbohydrate consumption.

The Atkins diet created by Robert C Atkins is effectively a high protein diet with carbohydrates severely restricted in the early stages of the programme.

Atkins Diet Foods

There are specific foods that are allowed and not allowed during certain phases of the weight loss plan. In particular, you must refrain from eating “bad” carbs such as processed, pre-packaged foods and junk foods like cookies in favor of a protein-rich diet.

Basically all meats, fish and other protein rich foods are all you eat in the early stages with the introduction of limited carbs later on.

How much can I lose on Atkins?

During first 14 days of the Atkins diet plan is the ultra restrictive stage.

Atkins says you can lose up to 15 pounds on the Atkins diet in this initial phase.

This rapid weight loss can be attributed to limiting carb-intake.

How does the Atkins Diet work?

According to the theory the limitation of carbs pushes the body into ketosis thereby burning fat. Although unlimited amounts of protein is allowed after a certain level the body can no longer process it therefore it doesn’t matter how much protein you eat.

Of course weight loss on the Atkins diet plan may also be attributable to the limited variety of foods available meaning by definition you eat less and lose weight. After all there is only so much meat you can eat!

Our Atkins Diet review

Atkins Diet Pros

  • Rapid initial weight loss
  • Unlimited food to eat

Atkins Diet Cons

  • No fruit or veg allowed initially save very limited amounts
  • Bad breath and constipation
  • Potential high fat content depending what foods you choose to eat
  • Difficult to maintain practically in long term
  • Potentially difficult to build into most life styles
  • Not particularly suitable for vegetarians


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