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Plant Based Diet

plant based diet
A plant based diet may refer to various types of sub diet that all have in common the fact the diet is based on wholly or mainly plant based foods. Here are some of the most common categories:

  • Veganism: refers to a plant-based diet with no food from animal sources or completely eliminating the use of animal products. Consuming food species that are neither plant nor animal, such as fungi, protists, and bacteria, is generally accepted
  • Fruitarianism: a form of veganism, in which meals consist primarily of fruit
  • Raw veganism: a form of veganism where food is taken raw
  • Vegetarianism: a plant based diet that may include eggs and dairy
  • Macrobiotic diet: plant based diet with some fish and seafood
  • Semi-vegetarianism:  plant-based diet with occasional meat

Plant Based Diet Foods

A plant based diet is a general term for one of the more specific vegetarian diets.

See the definitions above for more details on each diet plan and what foods are included.

Plant Based Diet Weight Loss

Choosing to follow a plant based eating plan is a life style choice diet rather than a diet chosen specifically for weight loss results. Choose this type of diet as an general diet plan though and you could end up losing weight over the long term. Plant foods are usually low in calories and high in nutrition and fibre making them the perfect foods for easily keeping the weight off.

How does a plant based diet work?

By virtue of incorporating healthier types of foods into your eating plan, a plant based diet is overall more healthy and effective long term than many short term weight loss programs. The foods are high in fibre and therefore help to fill you up and keep blood sugar levels steady thus making dieting easier to maintain long term.

Plant Based Diet Review

A diet based on eating plant foods is a great choice for a life time diet. Be careful to incorporate other foods and not just to eat plant foods like fruit and vegetables only.

Plant Based Diet Pros

  • Overall weight loss is achieved which is then easily maintained
  • Unlimited foods to eat
  • Good range of healthy foods to eat

Plant Based Diet Cons

  • Not a diet to pick if you are looking for an initial rapid weight loss
  • Ensure you eat a variety of foods and not just fruit and vegetables to ensure you meet all nutritional requirements

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