Low Calorie Meals

Try these quick and tasty low calorie meals. We understand you may be on different calorie counted diet plans or need meals with different calorie allowances so we have divided the low calorie meals into calorie ranges.

Simply click on the link you are interested in to get a choice of low calorie meal ideas in the calorie range you need.

Low Calorie Meals Under 500 Calories

Low Calorie Meals Under 400 Calories

Low Calorie Meals Under 300 Calories

Low Calorie Meals Under 200 Calories

Low Calorie Meals Under 100 Calories

For the lowest calorie meal ideas you will find that salads and soups are regular features. This types of meals are low calorie as they are high in water content. Many of the low calorie meals feature vegetables and some fruit and a large proportion of the food. This is due to vegetables being low in calories whilst bulky due to their fibre content and also a healthy choice as they are packed with vitamins and minerals to keep your body nourished whilst keeping the calories low.

Lean protein and fish are also highly featured in our low calorie meals due to their high protein and low fat content. Such foods are also relatively low in fat and calorie and make good choices for dieters.

The above foods may also be classified by some as negative calorie foods and help with the slimming effect when trying too lose weight.

Read more about negative calorie foods here

When you know what foods to use as the bulk of your diet it is then abut combining them in tasty combinations. If you have an itinerary of tasty calorie counted meals at the ready you are much less likely to fall foul of your good diet intentions and stick to your weight loss plan longer term. Once you have tried a few of these low calorie meal plans and learn how to make up the recipes you tastes will change to look forward to these healthy meals rather than craving takeaways and fast food. As with many things it is a matter of habit and once you fall into following good diet patterns keeping your weight under control becomes so much easier.


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