Meals Under 500 Calories

Meals under 500 calories recipe ideas for delicious low calorie meals. These meals are easy to make with regular food ingredients and all calorie counted so ideal for use on a calorie counted diet plan.

If you want to make a healthy dinner at home but need  inspiration and don’t want to rely on packaged foods all the time browse the low calorie meals below for a tasty dinner at 500 calories or less.

Meals with up to 500 calories are generally aimed at your lunchtime mid day meal or your dinner evening meal. On a calorie controlled diet 500 calories may account for a substantial part of your calorie intake so these recipe ideas are intended for one or more of your main meals each day.

Including a meal with a high protein content helps you to feel fuller for longer as your body takes longer to digest the protein. It stays in your stomach for a longer period of time helping you to feel full. Protein also helps by being digested slowly to keep blood sugar levels stable. Adding a good portion of vegetables to meals means you are increasing fibre bulk to help fill you up as well as getting nutrients you need-especially important on a low calorie diet!

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