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Calories in beer cider and lager calories in beer cider lager

Calorie chart for calorie in beer, calories in lager and calories in cider. the lowest calorie alcoholic drinks in this section are brown ale and lager with the highest calorie value drinks being vintage cider, special brew lager and strong ales.

Beer, cider and lager are high in calories and carbohydrates as compared with other alcoholic drinks so either limit your intake of these high calorie beverages or choose another  lower calorie alternative. Spirits or wine is a better choice so far as calories are concerned if you are following a low calorie diet.

To cut the calories try mixing up a shandy instead of having a full pint. Use diet lemonade and you will have cut the calories of your pint in half! Plus this will help to hydrate you and help ease a hangover the next day.



Beer, Cider and Lager, per 284ml/half pint                                                                                    



Calories in Ale, strong 200
Calories in Bitter 90
Calories in Brown ale 80
Calories in Cider, dry 105
Calories in Cider, sweet 120
Calories in Cider, vintage 280
Calories in Lager 85
Calories in Lager, special brew 200
Calories in Pale ale 90
Calories in Stout, strong 110

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