How to be vegetarian

How to be vegetarian is easier than you think with tips and starter ideas on how to be vegetarian, vegetarian foods and vegetarian recipes with the free magazine Vegetarian Times pdf download. For more details and to claim your magazine visit our offers page.

How to be vegetarian means following a vegetarian diet. Please see our page on a vegetarian diet and also a vegan diet for more information. 

You may want to go a step further and become vegan on a vegan diet which is more restrictive than a vegetarian diet.

When people think of vegetarians they usually think of a vegetarian diet. However being vegetarian does not just have to be limited to what sort of diet you eat. Some who follow a vegetarian diet also extend this into other areas of their lives such as what clothes and shoes they wear. Also as to what toiletries they will use. Many toiletries nowadays have vegetarian labelling making it easier to find vegetarian products. This usually indicates that as well as not containing any animal derived ingredients that the product is also not tested on animals.

As far as vegetarian clothing goes, leather is an obvious example to discuss. Did you know that sellers of meat rely on the skin products of their slaughtered animals to boost their income. It is a lucrative business. (Also, on a side note, the chemicals used to treat these animal by products can be dangerous to humans.) Due to limited labelling requirements it means you could be buying leather form a cat or dog even!

Fur in another hot topic and again quite obviously detrimental to animals to obtain. Other lesser known material include silk, wool and down.

Wool can be obtained by shearing procedures which chafe skin off the sheep in large sized areas which is painful for the sheep. Transportation of the animals for shearing processes is traumatic and often the animals are crowded onto transport with small amounts of food or drink for weeks on end.

Silk is made by silkworms and in order to extract the silk the worms are then gassed or steamed alive out of their cocoons so the silk can be taken.

Down is often used in pillows and soft linings of coats. Down is the layer of feathers closest to an animal or bird’s skin. Often geese will be held down while they are plucked for their feathers and will scream in pain and terror as feathers are pulled from their skin leaving gaping tears and wounds.

Ask your self if this is really all worth it when there are so many alternative man-made fibres available? If we all opted to buy the alternatives we can lessen this cruelty or at least make a difference.

Vegetarian shopping tips for clothing

Avoid leather. Look for man-made fibres and check labels to confirm. As well as being kinder to animals and being vegetarian friendly these products are often cheaper than leather as well.


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