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We have researched some of the most widely available vegetarian foods and let you have the reviews below. Most of these foods are suitable for vegans as well as vegetarians and are available from most supermarkets and local health food stores. If you have tried any and want to leave your comments then contact us or leave a comment below.

Highest protein vegetarian foods

The best high protein foods to exact as a vegetarian are eggs (especially just the egg whites), cheese (especially cottage cheese), tofu and meat substitutes. Nuts are also high protein but also contain some carbs. For vegetarians egg whites are the purest form of high protein vegetarian food. Tofu is also a good healthy source of high protein for veggies. Cheese does contain some carbs so if you are looking for a purer form of protein go for low fat cottage cheese. Although nuts are high protein again they do contain carbs which you may wish to avoid if on a vegetarian high protein diet.

Also try meat substitute foods such as meat free burgers and sausages which are usually made from egg white substitute hence their high protein content. See below as to our take on these. make sure you don’t go for veggie burgers in the sense of vegetable burgers or bean burgers if you are aiming for high protein low carb vegetarian food as these are quite high in carbs.

What are vegetarian low carb foods?

Low carb vegetarian foods are mainly those vegetarian foods high in protein. These tend to be the meat alternative vegetarian foods such as Quorn and the veggie burgers made of meat substitute. Not the veggie burgers with bean or a sweetcorn and vegetable type filling coated in breadcrumbs. These are high in carbs. You want to look for the brown vegetarian foods that look like real meat burgers. Asda and Tesco do good versions of these and these are very tasty. They are made of egg white substitute and are high in protein vegetarian foods. Similarly the vegetarian food sausages tend to be high in protein fro vegetarians as well. As well as supermarkets doing their own version, Quorn do a good vegetarian sausage and also Linda McCartney. The latter is widely acknowledged to be the best vegetarian sausage and they are very good. Some such as the Quorn ones can dry out when cooking and become aerated and are not too pleasant.

Can I buy online vegetarian grocery frozen food?

Yes you can order vegetarian frozen foods online be to be delivered to you. Frozen vegetarian food delivery does require of course that you take immediate delivery and should arrange an appropriate time for receipt of the frozen vegetarian goods. However there are some companies that will do this for you. Goodness Direct stocks Fry’s vegetarian foods and other foods that you order online and have delivered to your door. For some types of foods you need a minimum order spend to get free delivery. Goodness Direct stocks fresh, frozen, chilled and miscellaneous items and you can order by following this link.

As well as frozen food online you can also bear other types of vegetarian foods online such as sweets, chocolate, cheese and other dairy products (most of these are more relevant to vegans as well) and other vegetarian foods you perhaps didn’t know existed! Particularly with gummy type sweets it is difficult to get these in your high street shops and supermarkets as they don’t usually cater widely for vegetarian sweets as it is generally thought that most chocolates also suit vegetarians. This is true but it is rare to find any gummy sweets fro vegetarians as most of these contain gelatin as any self respecting vegetarian will know. Such deprived veggies will be pleased to know that you can find vegetarian sweets in the form of the fantastic Haribo range including giant apples, jelly beans, starfish, sours and many more. There is also a vegetarian Panda range with cherry and raspberry licorice pieces. Go to Veggie Stuff for a great choice of veggie Haribo and other sweets and vegetarian foods online. You can also buy Haribo vegetarian sweets at Holland & Barrett who are also a good source for vegetarian Vitamins-see below

Vegetarian and vegan vitamins

Many stores now stock vegetarian and vegan friendly vitamins. The main issue used to be with the gelatin capsules on supplements such as olive oil and getting an alternative to cods liver oil suitable for vegetarian and vegans. Good stores to buy vegetarian vitamins include Asda who do their own range and also Holland & Barratt Vitamins. You can find a wide range of vegetarian and vegan friendly vitamins and suppl,ements in most Holland & Barrett stores

Vegetarian meat-Vegetarian chicken nuggets Taiwan Whole Foods

Becoming vegetarian can be hard if you are attached to the variety and textures of meat available. However nowadays it is being easier to find meat alternatives for vegetarians and the ranges available are healthier and tastier in some cases than real meat! There is a wide range of vegetarian “meat” available for vegetarians. Vegetarian meat is a meat substitute made from vegetarian ingredients. The taste and texture and look of vegetarian meat is very similar to real meat.  There are many different types of vegetarian meat alternatives such as alternatives to beef in veggie burgers and a substitute for chicken in the white veggie meat such as Quorn.  Here are some of the best known form of vegetarian meat:

Wheat gluten or seitan

This is made from wheat dough with all the starch and bran washed out of it. You can make vegetarian sausages, burgers, nuggets and minced meat with wheat gluten or seitan.


Tofu is made of soya and results from adding curdling agent to soya milk. It is high in essential amino acids however does not really have a meat-like texture when eating and is low on taste. When seasoned or smoked it is tasty. Cauldron Foods do a nice marinated version in small pieces great for a stir fry or eating straight from the pack.

Soya Meat or Textured Vegetable Protein

This are made from soya beans and has a very meaty fibrous texture. It is relatively high in protein and is a very good substitute for meat. It is also lower in fat.


Tempeh is another product produced from soya beans. It is fermented and has a chewy texture.

Compared with real animal meat the above substitutes have alot of benefits:

1. Low in cholesterol.

2. Low fat diet.

3. Decreased chances of you getting a disease from animal meat-(yuk!!)

4. High fibre .

5. Vegetarians live longer!

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Dalepak vegetarian and vegan foods


Goodlife vegetarian & vegan foods

Goodlife foods are suitable for vegetarians and most of them also for vegans. See our reviews of the Goodlife food range here

Supermarket branded vegetarian & vegan foods

Quorn vegetarian & vegan foods

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