Calories Burned Cycling

Why is cycling great exercise?

Calories Burned Cycling
Cycling can be done in all weather, is easy on the joints and overall helps improves strength and fitness plus calories burned cycling can be high.
When you cycle on a bike, be it outside or indoors, the intensity level at which you work out has an impact on how many calories you burn.
Also take into account the amount of time spent biking, your weight, your height and age in order to calculate calories burned cycling. 

How many calories burned cycling?

If you cycle at a relaxed leisurely pace, say 10 mph or less for an hour, this will burn around 290 calories if you weigh about 160 pounds. If you weigh around 200 pounds, calories burned cycling for an hour at the same speed will be around 360 calories.
Read on below for a more specific way to calculate how many calories burned cycling.

Calculating calories burned cycling

Step 1

Weigh yourself and make a note of your body weight. If you weigh more you will also burn more calories.

Record your average speed during your cycling workout. The faster you go, the more calories you burn.

Step 3

Finally, multiply the average number of calories you burn each hour with the duration of your cycling workout.

So, if you average 540 calories each hour and ride for 90 minutes, you burn 810 calories.

Tips for cycling

Calories Burned Cycling
Keen cyclists can develop blistered hands from gripping handle bars. To avoid this kit your self out with some gloves such as these popular cycling mitts.

These have gel foam padded palms for extra comfort and are suitable for men, women and teens. Textured dotted palms ensure secure grip and the foam gel filled areas allow for shock-absorption and comfort. Stretch fabric on back of the mitts allows for flexibility in hand movement, with adjustable Velcro fasteners for the wrist.

Quick-release loops attached to the tops of the fingers allow you to insert two fingers from the opposite hand to remove the glove. Towelling around the thumb is to allow you to wipe your brow. Reflective trim around the thumb adds visibility.

Available in various sizes and in 5 vibrant colours.


Calories Burned Cycling
Avoid the glare when biking with a pair of suitable biker shades such as these Rayleigh sunglasses.
Cool and easy to wear for sporting activities these come with interchangeable lenses included- dark, yellow & clear.
Click n the picture for more details and to check out the cheap price with free delivery as well!

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