Calories Burned Walking Calories Burned Walking

Calories burned walking is dependant on how active you are, how fast you walk, how long you walk for and how far you go. As one of the easiest, cheapest and most natural forms of exercise walking is popular with all people at all levels of fitness. Walking can be undertaken vigorously with arms swinging or at a sedentary pace. How fast you walk influences the calories you burn whilst walking as does how far and how long you walk for.

It’s underrated as a type of exercise however walking is ideal for people of all ages and fitness levels who want to be more active.

Calorie Counter for Calories Burned Walking

Use the Calories Burned Walking Calculator to calculate the amount of calories burned walking according to your statistics 

As a guide a 60kg person burns in 30 minutes by walking:

  • strolling (around 2mph): 75 calories
  • walking (around 3mph): 99 calories
  • fast walking (around 4mph): 150 calories

Walking as Exercise

Most people walk for some time during the day even if it is to go downstairs in the morning. Increasing the amount of walking you do each day is easy to do. If you have a dog you can walk your dog for longer periods or more frequently. You can make walking a social event by joining a local walking group.

In order for your walk to be beneficial to health there should be some vigour involved. However you do not necessarily have to get to a stage where you are completely out of breath. Walking is one of the best forms of exercise because it’s flexible, cheap and accessible to everyone. It also means you are outside taking in fresh air as opposed to being indoors  in a gym exercising or in your front room following an exercise DVD.

Walking is good all round exercise as it  timulates the cardiovascular system: your heart, lungs and circulation. It increases muscle endurance of the lower muscles including your legs and hips. Tips on Increasing Calories Burned Walking

Tips for increasing calories burned walking

As a guide a 60kg person burns in 30 minutes by walking:

  • strolling (around 2mph): 75 calories
  • walking (around 3mph): 99 calories
  • fast walking (around 4mph): 150 calories  

You can use these tips to increase the amount of calories burned walking:

1. Swing your arms. This works the upper body as well and helps book circulate more freely. It also means you use more calories during your walk.

2. Walk at a faster pace. You may need to build up your pace by slowly increasing fitness levels. Alternatively a good way to increase fitness levels is to start at a slower pace walking and then have intervals of faster walking speeds. This helps avoid the body settling into a pattern when walking and not benefiting as much as it could.

3. Do a little often. You do not need to set aside a whole half an hour each day just to g for a walk. Especially if you use a pedometer you can keep track of all those little walks during the course of a day which will all add up surprisingly to you allotted walking time.

Gadgets for Calories Burned Walking

On average you can burn up to 400 calories by walking 10,000 steps. By using a pedometer and give this a go and keep track of the calorie you burn off by walking.

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